Créations suisses uniques et artisanales

Style & écologie cohabitent avec une touche d'originalité

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pour la Suisse et l'U.E. dès CHF 50.- d'achat

I love my sports bag and use it every day for my yoga classes. Magali Riom's designs are colourful, original, very artistic and they perfectly complement my vegan, “eco-conscious” lifestyle.

Lauriane GilliéronActrice, Paris - France

J'aime les tissus qui ont une histoire. Le bon goût et la sensibilité sont réunis dans un accessoire à utiliser tous les jours.

CarolinaMontevideo - Uruguay

I am a big fan of Magali Riom! I bought one of her lunch sack designs 5 years ago and I use it almost every day. Her creations are full of style and beauty but they are practical and durable too. It's great to see someone have so much passion for their work. I can't wait to see what she will create next.

KellyAustin - Etats-Unis

Pochette de taille moyenne, c'est la meilleure taille de pochette pour mettre le passeport et autres articles de valeur. Quand je change de sac, c'est très pratique ainsi tous mes articles indispensables sont dedans. J'aime beaucoup le motif vintage de ma pochette et j'adore l'idée que ses produits sont fabriqués à partir de vieux vêtements.

MiyaTokyo - Japon

I bought a sports bag designed by Magali and am delighted with my purchase. A great choice of harmonious fabrics mixed together. Perfectly made, with little details which really show she knows what she’s doing. In short, I can highly recommend Magali Riom's designs!

StéphaneLyon - France

Actuellement j'utilise une des pochettes en Toile de Jouy. C'est un produit très pratique, utile en toutes occasions. Je l'utilise souvent pour y mettre des petites affaires de tous les jours ou pendant mes voyages. En plus d'être pratique, c'est un bel objet unique et artisanal.

ElifGenève - Suisse

I bought a bag for my yoga course 3 years ago and am very happy with the quality of the product, which is still the same even after all these years. When I received it, I remember being very impressed by how perfectly the seams had been finished off. Beautiful product. Am very happy with my purchase, particularly given that all of Magali Riom's designs are unique.

NaomiCopenhague - Danemark

I love Magali Riom's products ! My pouch is neat and beautifully crafted. Some of my friends have even asked me where I got it because they liked the original, unique design. When I told them, it's made from recycled fabrics, they couldn't believe it. Environmentally friendly fashion at its best! Thank you, Magali.

SolveigMunich - Allemagne


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