About me

Magali Riom

I’m in my early thirties and live in Geneva, but was born in Switzerland’s capital Bern.
For generations, all of the girls in my family have learned to sew and so did I. And I really love all kind of accessories. When I visited New York, I just couldn’t help but get caught up in the overwhelming creative buzz of the Big Apple. That’s how it all began in the winter of 2009: a moment of inspiration unleashed the creativity slumbering at the back of my mind. The idea to give used fabrics a second life by upcycling them into enchanting products has changed my life. This passion has also been fed by many trips to Berlin, home to countless alternative lifestyles and creative trends. I am a child of our century: demanding, coquette, incredibly active and environmentally conscious. I want to convey the joy of life and genuine environmental awareness through my products. That’s why I use the know-how I owe to my Swiss origins to handcraft unique pieces of art for everyday life.

My philosophy

I want to upcycle used materials by transforming them carefully into something original.
I am passionate about what I do: creating carefully crafted products. I want to honour my ancestors’ values that are sadly on the brink of extinction due to overconsumption, low-cost production and a mentality based on quantity instead of quality.
I would like to live in a society that fights overconsumption and poor-quality products in favor of local development.

My creations

Like new! This is not only my challenge but also my quality guarantee. I work to give a second life to the materials chosen for my pieces.
The result: uniquely original, handcrafted products made of your used fabric by transforming old pieces of cloth into breathtaking accessories.
I only use carefully chosen, durable materials for my products. Almost all fabrics are made of cotton, washable if necessary and feature bright, durable colours.


Girls, we all need to carry a million different things in our handbags. Not only do the pouches I make exclusively for you keep your belongings safe but you will also be able to easily find them whenever needed. When travelling, these highly functional bags make keeping your things organized a piece of cake. 

Pipeline products

  • Tote bags
  • Toiletry bags
  • Yoga mat bags
Have Magali Riom upcycle your fabric
I would also be happy to create custom accessories for you. Looking for an original present? Can’t you let go of that old pair of jeans? Contact me and I will create a custom piece from your fabric. Let your imagination fly! I’ll need about six weeks to deliver your customized product upon your demand.
So if you love accessories like I do, take a look at my website! Enjoy!